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Me: Gisella Casolaro

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My Story.

The only child of entrepreneurial parents of mixed nationalities, I was raised in Italy as a trilingual citizen of the world at a time when the word “globalisation” didn’t exist. I developed a highly creative, international and business-minded personality soon.

Gaining a higher education and progressing in my marketing career was my number 1 goal for 14 years. I relentlessly devoted all my time and energy to climbing the famous ladder, as an expat in London working in agency and client-side roles. Only later did I realise that I was a “workaholic”.

From 2018 my market sector started to be impacted by a deep crisis and a series of negative events led to my burnout and an illness which lasted 11 months and made me lose 10 kg!

That’s when I started a 2-year journey of self-healing which made me discover coaching. 

Through coaching I became clear of my professional identity and my purpose.

In 2019 I went back to being a full-time student, to be able to help not just businesses but also the people behind the businesses.

After gaining my Performance Coaching qualification in March 2020, I launched my business online in the midst of a global pandemic! 

Since then, I have been making a real difference for people by guiding them to achieve what they want in their careers.

NOW I RUN my business with a coaching heart and a business mind.

a Marketing Communications expert
turned Career & Business Coach.


Personal Performance Coaching Diploma gained in March 2020 from The Coaching Academy: the leading training organisation in the UK, accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

MSc in International Marketing and Strategic Communications from Accademia di Comunicazione (Italy), Nottingham Trent Business School (UK) and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).

BA Degree in Political Science from Universita’ di Bologna (Italy).

High School Diploma in Foreign Languages and Literature (English and French).

Marketing Experience

15 years in Marketing communications working for 20+ integrated or digital agencies in London.

Focus areas: Client Service success; marketing and communications strategy and planning, commercial and team leadership.

Sectors covered: telco, automotive, healthcare, technology, entertainment, insurance, retail, public sector, media, consumer electronics, charities, beer, business services, FS and others.

Regional focus: UK, Italy, Pan-European, global.

Communications delivered: B2C and B2B, consumer engagement, branding, brand and product launch, loyalty programme, lead generation, behaviour-change campaigns, CRM and integrated digital comms.

Coaching & Mentoring Experience

Developed people management skills while progressing from Account Executive to Business Director level over 14 years and freelancing for 8.

Led and mentored teams of up to 7 members or cross-functional global matrices.

Experienced in both sides of the hiring process: I hired new recruits for my agencies and attended approx. 200 job interviews directly.

Trained as a Personal Performance Coach in 2019 and graduated in March 2020 with a distinction grade.

Delivered 50+ coaching sessions just in the first 6 months receiving raving testimonials.

Who I work with

Experienced professionals from any sector and at any employment stage: jobseeker, employee, freelancer, solopreneur or small business owner.

They crave some form of change to feel satisfied with their career, their finances and their life.

They are driven, motivated and determined because they know they deserve better.

They are ready to take action to improve their life: no more procrastination!

They speak English, Italian or Spanish (my 3 languages).

My Mission.

My mission as a human is to contribute to make the world a better place. This to me means to embody the belief that kindness is not a “random act”. It’s a daily choice we make every time we engage with people.

My mission as a professional is to make a difference for the people who work with me – by turning them into happy professionals. And I can do that through my coaching and consulting services.

Gisella Casolaro_Career and Business Coach

Why Choose Me.


  • A sincere, genuine interest in helping you to be a happier person.
  • A results-driven  personality heading toward what you define as your Success (not the “fluffy” type of coach)!
  • I am all about quality: I don’t shut down the session on the 60th minute just because we’ve finished our time allowance.
  • You can book me in flexible slots Monday to Sunday. I don’t do the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday thing!
  • I ensure each session benefits you both as a stand-alone session and as a part of a series of sessions.
  • I empower you to see the big picture and learn why you should implement my recommendations. I don’t just “do marketing” or “rewrite a CV”.
  • My service is tailored around you: my coaching plan has YOUR name on it.