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read a few Testimonials from my clients.

The sessions with Gisella gave me clarity on what I want to do now and in future. They helped me connect with myself and understand better what I value and is important to me which in turn made me less stressed and happier. Gisella helped me narrow down my priorities and set a clear goal. Before the sessions it was a blurred collage of multiple ideas; now I feel good about my future. Gisella was a perfect fit for me since she comes from the marketing world and has plenty of experience in it. She was very personal and friendly. I was looking forward to my sessions with her and I am sad they are over. They gave me the strength to keep going and wake up with a purpose in my day and life. I am glad I signed up for them with her!
Catherine Lankiewicz
Digital Marketing Manager – ‘Next Chapter’ Career Change plan
When I started to be coached by Gisella I felt that my life was going out of control and I was so stressed! Gisella was there to help me open up to find the answers to all these new questions and my mind started to change: I could see the things that I needed to fix first, like my own limitations. She challenged me a lot to look inside to discover what I really want to do in my professional life. My three sessions with Gisella gave me the input I needed to start to make a change. Now I see things in a different way. I have gone from being a chronic pessimist to a motivated person who wants to do better and believes I can.
Antonio Mongiu
Customer Service Manager - Life & Career Alignment plan
My coaching sessions with Gisella got me a lot more focused about my goal of getting clients. From our very first session, I felt that Gisella pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me take massive action to achieve my goals. By Gisella pushing me to take action I had to put my hesitation aside and do what I needed to do. Now I feel great as I am on my own path and doing what I need to. I say ‘I think.’ a lot and am more sure about what I want. I feel motivated and excited. I feel I can really accomplish big things if I put my mind to it and now I have many clients compared to when we started.
Panos Agamemnos
Music Producer and Videographer - Professional Development Boost plan
When I decided to take the sessions with Gisella I was really in need of help, feeling lost after my decision to relocate to the UK and start a new career. From the first contact to the last session she demonstrated to work in a very inspiring, clear and consistent way. The sessions were fundamental to understand the steps I should take to lead the positive outcomes that I wished. This journey empowered me to be in charge of the changes I needed. I know I have a long path ahead, but I feel like I just learnt to walk again!
Daniela Missio
Agribusiness consultant - ‘Next Chapter’ Career Change plan
I worked with Gisella on my desire to get a new job in an editorial office. As a result of our 4 sessions, I've developed much more awareness of the things that are most important to me in a job position. This helped me realise exactly how capable I am, I've developed new skills for dealing with rejection and learnt how to change direction whenever I encounter setbacks. I feel that I am well on the way to landing the perfect job! And as a result of the coaching I feel that I will be more than ready for it when the time comes. I’ve felt listened to, respected and supported by Gisella and for that I am very grateful.
Sophie Dixon
Junior Writer and Nanny - Job Search Optimisation plan
I have so much gratitude and appreciation for my coach Gisella! Working with her has greatly helped me with my business that I wanted to expand. Even though I had experience, I did not have focus and did not know how to grow. Gisella created a safe space and clear framework for me to explore. She is focused and completely engaged. I could always feel her warmth, her trust and her determination at every step of my journey. Her skilled coaching opened doors and possibilities I didn’t know existed! Thanks to her, I have so much more confidence and clarity in how I can grow my business. She is a great coach!
Sonia Yu-Ching Kuo
Hypnotherapist and Holistic healer - Business Coaching plan
The sessions with Gisella gave me the first tools to analyse myself as a young professional by highlighting strengths and weaknesses to develop a conscious growth. I could see the benefits since the very first session in which I could finally understand my value: before, I felt very lost and discouraged. Now I can identify a potential niche and how to be successful in working there, also using a more purposeful CV. Gisella knows how to put you at ease to make each session count. You can see that she knows what she's doing so you feel you are in good hands. She's very professional, positive and always ready to smile when needed.
Annalisa Moscatiello
Travel Expert and Translator - Job Search Optimisation plan
From somebody who is not a big fan of coaching, I can report that after just one session with Gisella, I have learnt so much! She has inspired me and given me helpful feedback about my portfolio and countless recommendations to help with my business. I will go back for additional sessions both for myself and for my partner's business. Thank you so much for your help Gisella!
Bruna Allain
Website designer - Business & Marketing Plan
My personal Career coaching plan with Gisella has been extremely helpful and very informative. At the end of our 5 sessions together, I felt empowered and equipped to take the next steps towards starting my dream career. Gisella is able to work with you step by step to get a better understanding of what you really want out of a career. Gisella's coaching style is very personable and I would highly recommend her as your Career Coach!
Celaiah Daniels
International ESL Teacher - ‘Next Chapter’ Career Change plan